Doctor Worm (3daysandspoiled) wrote in elephant_six,
Doctor Worm

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Gerbils shows?

Hello, I am a huge fan of the Elephant 6 collective, but right now I have a question about one particular band: The Gerbils. My friend, who does a much better job of keeping up with E6 news than I do, told me that they play shows fairly frequently in Atlanta (not a long trip... I live in Rome, about 2 hours away) and that they have another album in the process of being recorded. I own and am an enormous fan of "Are You Sleepy?" and "The Battle of Electricity" and would appreciate any new information regarding The Gerbils. Thank you!
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i have been dying to see them for something like ten years, and even when i lived in georgia i never ever heard of them playing anywhere. not as the gerbils anyway. if it is indeed true that they play in atlanta these days, i would fly there in a second to see them.

if you find anything out, let me know!!
and sorry i'm no help. ;)